MetaWatch Hacks & Resources

People are starting to hack together some interesting things for the MetaWatch bluetooth watch platform, but the official forums are so hard to navigate that it’s hard to keep track of what’s going on. This post will serve to pull together some of the things I’ve come across, and I’ll update it until I get bored of curating it.


There’s now a MetaWatch Wiki; updated versions of the content below can be found there, particularly in the Hacks and Libraries & Frameworks pages.

Developer Resources

Libraries & Frameworks


Assorted app prototypes that I put together

Minecraft Clock, also done by me

Controlling room lights via OpenAMI by Kai Aras

Remote control by Kai Aras

Qt Animation by javispedro

Showing Google Maps for your current location by Zero Cho

Desktop Mac App notifications via Growl by Kai Aras

Jailbroken iOS support by Kai Aras

Album art and song title display by javispedro

Firmware tweaks by Garth Bushell to add a 24-hour toggle to the embedded menu and to add the year to the idle display. (source code)

Let me know what else you find (though I reserve the right to not post everything that I come across).

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  • Gadgety

    Cool Stuff! Thanks for collecting these MetaWatch apps. Hopefully more to come!

  • Garth Bushell

    Have forked it and made it available.

    Am currently in the process of rewriting the menu system to make it much easier!

    Turn it into a consistant state machine.

  • Gadgety

    Thanks for putting this together. Would it be possible with an RSS feed?

  • Joe

    Hey Gadgety, the new page for this is on the MetaWatch Dev Wiki:

    You’ll be happy to see that that page does have an RSS feed.

  • Gregory Falzetta

    Very interesting article. Don’t know it you still moderate this site, but I just bought a Metawatch Frame. I run it off of an iPhone 5 with firmware 1.35 installed on the watch. Other than the basic apps for the watch do you know if anyone has developed some of the apps you were discussing?